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One Source Talent

One Source Talent - the best way to start modeling & acting!

One Source Talent is the nation's largest agency for models, actors, and other entertainment professionals. From their offices in Michigan, New York, Texas, California, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, and Washington, D.C., they strive to provide unmatched service and useful industry tools for entertainment professionals looking for work and for casting directors looking for talent. One Source Talent strongly believes that knowledge is power, and they make sure their agents have the necessary knowledge and tools to help their select talent break in to the entertainment agency. 

Anthony Toma founded One Source Talent in Troy, Michigan, in 2003. Word of Toma's innovative approach to entertainment representation spread quickly, and before long they needed to expand from their single office in suburban Detroit to ten offices around the country. 

They represents only the most dedicated actors and models, the ones who make it through the highly selective, intense interview process. One Source Talent equips their talent with the tools they need to learn the entertainment industry's mode of operation. Talent will be invited to attend industry workshops where they can learn and practice new techniques as well as meet-and-greet events where One Source Talent will help their talent network with casting directors and other production professionals. 

The clients of OST will also be featured on their cutting edge interactive network. Casting directors, modeling agencies, photographers, and production companies will be able to search the database with ease so they can find exactly the talent they are looking for. 

Unlike some companies, they do not charge commission fees when one of their entertainment professionals first lands a job; the fees will not be charged until the talent has actually been paid. This helps ensure that working with the, is a streamlined, stress-free process for everyone involved, from the newest entertainment professionals to the most experienced casting directors. 

With over 10 years of experience, they has built relationships with professionals at all levels of the casting process, and they are dedicated to using that knowledge to match the best talent with the best jobs.

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